Stock Market News: Investors Look Past Fed to Apple, Amazon Earnings

Mac sales were $7.8 billion, about flat with a year ago, and a tad below consensus of $7.9 billion. IPad sales were $7 billion, down 25%, and below the Street’s $7.4 billion forecast. Wearables, home and accessories revenue was $12 billion, above consensus at $11.3 billion, but down 11% from a year ago. Seaport Research […]

14 1 Price-Setting Buyers: The Case of Monopsony Principles of Economics

Note that Northern Pacific was brought to court for “unreasonable restraints of trade”. One last important note is the difference between a monopoly and a monopolistic market. A monopoly occurs when only one seller exists, whereas a monopolistic market occurs when one primary seller exists but others may still compete. For small holders such as […]

FIFO, FEFO, LIFO: What is the meaning? ECA Academy

The FIFO method is popular among businesses because of its accuracy and higher recorded net profits. Organising your inventory and calculating the cost of your goods is a fundamental part of running an efficient business. Get this right and you’ll make life a lot easier at the end of the financial year – get it […]