Things to look for. To stop buffering

  • Start by Rebooting everything The router, Modem, firestick, or whatever device you use.
  • Open the Slacker app go into settings click on speed test. We recommend A ping no higher than 50ms and download speeds no lower than 15mbps.
  • Storage make sure you have no less than 1GB of storage free.
  • Background apps make sure you are not running a lot of apps in the background. How to find this out firestick users, Also Any boxes with voice remotes press and hold the mic and say ( background and processing ) A list should come Up Turn off everything that is not being used. Also if it has the option set them to not run in the background.
  • Streams are very high guilty these days Cheap boxes like older firesticks cant handle these streams of today We no longer support older boxes. Firestick 4k max will be the only firestick We will support from the Firestick Family. Chromecasts and Shields and good Android boxes are what we recommend. ( Keep up with times )
  • VPN’s WE recommend Vpn these days lot of providers are getting smart and blocking things like sports channels also other stuff.
  • Already on a VPN have you changed Servers ?


  1. First Step open the slacker app.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Look for Player Selection.
  4. Set that to Default
  5. Reboot everything.
  6. You should have picture now.

Weekly Maintenance

  1. Find out where your box cashe is and clear it most cases it will be under the box settings then applications.
  2. Find the Slacker app and open it you should see a clear cashe.
  3. Reboot everything Router, Modem, and the box you are using.
  4. Plug them back in and wait 5 mins.
  5. Your Refreshed.

Before sports Events.

  1. Clear Cashe.
  2. Reboot everything.
  3. Enjoy!!

How to submit a ticket

The ticket to help troubleshoot is as followed.

  1. Go to the Client’s Website.
  2. Submit a ticket in the following format to speed up the pross 
  3. Run a speed test
  4. take a picture
  5. upload it to us
  6. With the box make that you are using.
  7. Also what the issue is Please don’t say all streams if it is only a couple.

Make sure you are following us on Telegram

  1. Join the telegram to be up to date,

Things to try.

  1. Unplug Everything you have connected to your Network.
  2. Reboot the Router, Modem, And the tv box you are using.
  3. Leave everything off the network.
  4. Plug 1 tv in see if you have buffering.
  5. If you have no buffering.
  6. Plug one thing in at a time to your network.
  7. See if you start getting buffering.
  8. if you start to this is your limit of what you can have on your network.


  1. Check Storage make sure you have over 1 GB of free
  2. Clear Cashe
  3. Reboot everything Router, Modem, and the box you are using like Firestick and so on.
  4. Still having problems Check telegram
  5. Contact us if needed.